Royal College Of Physicians

The Royal College of Physicians The Royal College of Physicians is a professional body, representing over 20, 000 physicians, that aims to improve the quality of patient care by continually raising medical standards. Over sixteen per cent of its Members and Fellows are based overseas, across 80 counties.

The Royal College of Physicians of London was the first medical institution in England to receive a Royal Charter. It was founded in 1518 and is one of the most active of all medical professional organisations. Since the College's creation as the College of Physicians (it acquired the "Royal" prefix in 1674) by royal charter of King Henry VIII in 1518, it has engaged in a wide range of activities dedicated to its overall aim of upholding and improving standards of medical practice.

The MRCP(UK) postnominals are obtained by doctors who have passed the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians examinations, held jointly with the other three Royal Colleges of Physicians in the UK and Ireland, through one of the UK colleges.

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The Royal College of Physicians is a short walk from the Americana via Regent Parks "Outer Circle" or the south side of the Park if you want to take the scenic route.