St Cyprian's Church

St Cyprian's was designed by Sir Ninian Comper and built in 1903 and it was described in a lecture as "a spacious, whitewashed church of beautiful proportions and restrained detail. The Bishop of Kensington blessed the Corner Stone, which was laid by Lady Wilfreda Biddulph, on 7th July, 1902.

The church of St Cyprian was dedicated to the Glory of God and the memory of Charles Gutch by the new Bishop of London.  It was the first Church he dedicated in his over-long episcopate. At the Service on 30th June, 1903, Dr. Winnington-Ingram wore a magnificent cope of Russian cloth of gold, which had been worn at the King’s coronation, and a richly jewelled mitre. The ceremony was adapted from the Pontifical of Egbert, the first Archbishop of York who held the See from about AD 736 to 766. It was described at the time as “the real, true ceremonial of the Church of England”, which suggests special pleading.

To add to the romantic idealism of the building and the form of service, the floor was strewn in mediaeval fashion with scented flowers and rushes. In the nave were pine, box and rose petals, and on the chancel steps were laid crimson roses and white lilies.

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To get there from the Americana; turn left when you leave the hotel and take the first left into Ivor Place. The Church is on the right and the entrance is in Glentworth Street.