From Luton airport

The best way to travel to the Americana from Luton Airport is to use one of the bus services to Baker Street

Getting the train from Luton Parkway to Central London may look quicker but you will have to get a shuttle bus from the airport to Luton Parkway station and then use the underground, a bus or taxi from Kings Cross St Pancras to the hotel

Americana by Coach
Take the National Express - A1 Service into London (journey time about one hour) or use the EasyBus service.

Buy a ticket to Baker Street/Gloucester Place. About £15.00

Easybus sell tickets for use on National Express, Airport Bus Express and their own mini buses - it is always worth checking the price offered by them because it will often be a lower cost than booking on the other services directly - BUT - take care because sometines they are more expensive than booking direct.

On the return journey the bus departs from out side the Alsop Arms in Gloucester Place - this stop is 200 meters from the Americana.

On the way to London you will be dropped off just in front of a pedestrian crossing, cross Baker Street there and follow the walking directions to the Americana.

Americana by Train
Take the courtesy Coach Service to Luton Parkway Railway Station.

From there you can get the First Capital Connect service to King's Cross station.

When you arrive at Kings Cross station follow the signs to the Underground and go to the Circle, Metropolitan or Hammersmith & City Line platform where all of the train go to Baker Street.

If you get on a train that is going to Hammersmith; when you get to Baker Street you will get of the train on Platform 6. When you get to the top of the stairs from the platform DO NOT take the exit to your right. Cross over the bridge and follow the signs directing you to the Bakerloo and Juberlee Lines. When you have gone through the Exit gates look to the right and there are some stairs that will take you into the upper part of the station, DO NOT take the steps on the left that take you directly to the street.

If you get a Metropolitan Line train to Baker Street it will stop at Platform 2. If you do not want to climb all of the stair to the Baker Street (North) exit you can take the short flight of stairs down towards the Bakerloo and Juberlee Lines. When you get to the bottom of the stairs look to the left and you will see direction to an exit via an up esculator. This will take you directly to the Upper part of Baker Street Station.

When you get to the upper part of the station, where the entrance to the Bakerloo and Juberlee Line is, look for the exit sign-posted as BAKER STREET (North).

To walk to the Hotel from Baker Street Underground Station (400 meters)