London College Of Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathy promotes the bodies own natural healing processes. It is a system of diagnosis and treatment aimed to provide relief from problems caused by malfunction of the body’s inter-related muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.

Treatment involves gentle hands on techniques, which may include manipulation, for a range of painful and sometimes disabling conditions such as back and neck pain; shoulder and arm pain; hip and leg pain; and headaches.Also pain that remains undiagnosed after medical investigations are normal andmay be found to respond. Problems arising in work, sport or any other aspect of life are equally suited to an osteopathic approach.

The London College of Osteopathic Medicine (LCOM) was founded in 1946 to provide training in osteopathic principles and methods for people who were already qualified medical doctors

As well as offering training for Doctors the college operates a clinic. The clinic is a charity and was set up in 1927 to treat patients who could not afford private fees. The staff at the clinic are all doctors, some of which are doctors training to be osteopaths, and see patients under the supervision of our tutors, and we ask for a donation to our clinic when you have a treatment.

They are a charity who receive no government or NHS funding, and rely solely on donations.

The London College of Osteopathic Medicine
8 - 10 Boston Place,
London   NW1 6QH.

Tel: 020 7262 5250
To make an appointment at the clinic 020-7262 1128

Visit their website to find out more about the college and the clinic

To get to there from the Americana; go to the crossing and cross over Gloucester Place, then walk down Ivor Place until you get to the Tee junction. This road is Boston Place. Turn left and the college is on your left near to the end of the road.